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Review: Hello Happy Skin Matcha Green Tea

Hi Guys! As you all know, I do take pretty good care of my skin, however topical products can only go so far if you are not taking care of your skin from within.
I’ve been enjoying the benefits of Matcha for some time now, most recently with the use of Hello Happy Skin’s Matcha.
Matcha Green Tea is packed full of antioxidants, which has so many health benefits.

The options are endless with this powder! You can drink it as a tea, simply add boiling water. As a latte with your favourite milk, Add a teaspoon to your favourite Bliss Ball recipe, even roll the balls in it once you’ve finished. Matcha Green Tea is also a great inclusion for your favourite smoothie, your only limit is your imagination.

The pure taste is hard to describe, it does have a green (vegetable) type taste to it, unique and fresh with a sweet smoothness to it.

The 60g Matcha Green Tea retails for $29.95, It does last for ages as you only need less than a teaspoon per use to start reaping the benefits.

Another fun suggestion is to make a homemade Matcha Coconut Ice Cream, I have borrowed (possibly permanently!) my Mum’s Ice Cream maker, I added a can of coconut cream and a teaspoon of Matcha and let it do its thing, the results: Delicious!
If you don’t have an ice-cream maker and like bananas,  you could try making a banana ice cream, I slice a banana (or 2) and freeze them, at least for a few hours or usually overnight, then use your blender/food processor and blend the frozen banana until it resembles soft serve, my 2 kids, love the banana “ice cream” to the ice cream you could add a teaspoon of Matcha Powder.


I was fortunate that I actually won (well, technically my sister won, it was a tag your bestie!) this Hello Happy Skin Matcha from recent Instagram competition hosted by the company, however I would definitely consider purchasing this brand in the future.

I’d love to know how you use Matcha!

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