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Review: The Jojoba Company Products

Hey Guys, Today I have  some products from The Jojoba Company* to share with you.
The Jojoba Company are an Australian Owned and Made company, utilising Australian grown Jojoba through out their range. The products are natural, with a strong focus on being environmental sustainable.
The products I have been trying out include, Botanical Hydrating Face Mask and the 100% Natural Jojoba and Rosehip Oil.


The botanical hydrating mask is multi-masking at its finest, this mask combines a beautiful blend of kaolin, jojoba, honey and shea butter. You can find the full ingredients here. I’ve been using this twice per week, the mask has a soft clay scent which also features notes of jojoba and ever so subtly lavender.
The mask becomes dry to touch after around 10 minutes, there is some firming, however it doesn’t feel tight and dry.
I found that not only did the mask leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated, it also helped clear some hormonal congestion.

The 100 % Natural Jojoba + Rosehip Oil, is lovely, as the name would suggest the only 2 ingredients in this oil are Jojoba and Rosehip oils. No fillers or mineral oil. The oil feels very lightweight, I used 2 drops in the morning which completely disappeared on my skin, in the evening I used 3 drops which took a little bit longer to be absorbed.
My skin was left feeling nourished and hydrated, the oil works beautifully under moisturiser and I found make-up applied well after using it in the morning. If you ever experience your make-up becoming patchy during the day, it is often because your skin is dehydrated, so when you apply an oil prior to application, it can actually help your foundation last longer.


I’ve really enjoyed using the Jojoba Company Products, I was familiar with the products by name only, my local health food store stocks a small selection of the range. I would consider trying some more products from their range in the future.

Have you tried any products from the Jojoba Company before?

*Products/s kindly provided for consideration, all views are my own personal opinions, links not affiliate and provided for further information only.

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