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Review Go-To Skincare

Hi Lovelies,
I have been wanting to review the very useful face cream for sometime and as my tube is nearing the end I thought now is a good time to review and provide an update.

The face oil is absolutely gorgeous, I use it most nights, I have over half a bottle left, as you only need a few drops, this stuff really lasts.
If you haven’t got onto the face oil bandwagon yet, you really should jump on.
Winter is a great time to start using an oil, as its when your skin often needs the extra hydration.

The very useful face cream is, well very useful as the name suggests.

This can be used both morning and night, Ive been using this religiously at night time since I got it around 4 months ago and I still have about 1/3 left.
It is very nourishing and protecting, you only need a small amount as it really spreads well.
The cream it self is on the thickish side initially, Im generally not a warm it between your fingers before applying type of person, however I do believe that this moisturiser does work better when you do that. The very useful face cream absorbs beautifully after a few minutes.

When I use this in the morning I always apply an SPF over the top.

The very useful face cream is so great, it made the cut for my on board toiletries when travelling recently, I generously slathered it all over my face after taking my makeup off after take off, and my skin felt so great after 12 hours in the sky!
Makeup applies easily over the top and as it is silicone free you will never experience the dreaded ‘rolling’ or ‘balling’

The packaging is in an easy to use flip top tube, which easily allows you to squeeze out as much product as you desire.

The other added bonus is both of these products are not only cruelty free they are also free from mineral oils, palm oil, PEGs, parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, and sulfates. I also love that you can read all the ingredients list on their website, not just the key ingredients some companies list.

Overall they are both fabulous products, well worth investigating.

Have you tried any Go-To products?

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