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Review: June Goodness Me Box

Finally My June Box arrived on 1st July! It was a bit of a snack type box this month!

It is so frustrating waiting for a monthly subscription, especially when you see people receiving them in the first week of the month via social media!

Anyway, I digress, here is what was contained inside!


The Health Food Guys: Raw Protein Bites Coffee and Wattle Seed RRP $4.50, I didn’t mind these, I had them as an afternoon snack on day, the taste wasn’t overly coffee-ish. A filling treat none the less.

Live Organic: Extra Gentle Shea Butter Soap: 10g Sample $0.66c, almost too small to give a good try of it!

Pure By Phyto Care Paw Paw Balm $8.95, I love this Papaya Ointment, a petroleum free alternative, I’ve almost finished my current tube, so this was a timely replacement.

Flavr: All Natural Water Enchancer $5.95, I’m looking forward to trying this out.

Dr Karg’s Organic Crispbread 1 Piece (approx 10g) RRP approx $0.34, My toddler devoured this, so I think it was tasty!

Leda Nutrition: Banana Bar $1.90 a no added sugar, gluten free, dairy free slice. My 3.5 year old demolished this, He struggled after 3/4 as it was quite filling, I’m not keen on Banana so I didn’t try and steal a bite! It is handy to have healthy pre:packaged foods for “just in case” when you are out and about.

Hart & Soul: Coconut and Lentil Soup $3.99, I really enjoyed the other Hart and Soul Soup a few boxes back, so I’m looking forward to trying this interesting combination.

Qi Tea: Organic Relax $4.99, I love trying teas, will give this a go!

Celebrate Health: Organic Coconut Water $3.00 I do enjoy coconut water, either on it’s own, or as a fruit smoothie base.

Blue Dinosaur: Paleo Bar: $3.95 These snack bars have featured previously also, I did enjoy the other bar I received, so I’m sure one afternoon this will disappear.

Well Naturally: No added sugar dark chocolate $2.80 These are sweetened with stevia, I quite like these “healthier” alternatives.

Overall value approx $41.00.
It is a little bit disappointing with some of the really tiny bits (tiny chunk of soap, and 1 crisp bread) as they are almost too small to really try out properly.

Otherwise, It nice to have a few snack bits on hand.

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