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Review: July Goodness Me Box

Hi Guys! Lets explore what was included in the July edition of goodness me box.

After a few delays with previous boxes (arriving on the last day or even into the following month) my July box arrived on the 8th July, which was only a mere 7 days after I received my June box!

Here is what I received:

Blackmores Super Greens and Raw Chia: RRP approx $2.22 ea. These sachets are in various forms are a Ā regular feature in Goodness Me. I actually reorganised them in my pantry a few days ago, I really need to use them in smoothies. I like Chia Seeds in Yogurt, it makes for a really filling snack (for young and old)

28 Black ACAI Sugar Free Natural Energy Drink: $2.99 This contains Acai berries and natural caffeine, energy drinks are not something I consume, my husband will probably give it a try.

Dads Oats: $8.00 Oats are a staple in this house, its nice to have a local smaller company to support. My kids have made a good dent in this pack already.

Natural Evolution: Green Banana Resistant Starch: $18.00 I did have a bit of a what is this product when I first saw it. It can be used in place of flour. I’m looking forward to incorporating this, I do like finding “healthy” flour alternatives for pikelets/pancakes for snacks for my kiddies.

Republica Organic Timor Coffee: $7.99. Staple. Will be consumed within no time.

Endeavour Tea: Sour Cherry RRP $4.50 This is inspired by the cocktail, a brew which can be consumed warm or cold. Sounds quite interesting.

Table of Plenty: Dukkah RRP $3.60 I love dukkah, I’m looking forward to trying this one out. I love it on grilled chicken in a salad or with veggies, even a bit on fish is nice. You can also serve it next to olive oil and balsamic with some crusty bread..yum!

After receiving 2 boxes (June and July) within a week, I now have a bit of a wait for my August Box!

Overall Value approx $49.50, I think this is one of the higher value boxes I have recieved in awhile.

What do you think?

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