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Review: BOHO Balm

Hi Guys, Today I’ve got another great Australian Made and Owned product to share with you, called Boho Balm*. Boho Balm is a recently launched do it all balm which is 100% natural. The Name Boho is derived from a combination of letters from the 4 natural ingredients which make Boho Balm.

1465718645The 4 Ingredients in Boho Balm are: Beeswax, Olive Oil, Honey and Coconut Oil. I have personally found that I notice the coconut the most, when I have used this on my lips, the lovely coconut flavour peeks through.

The balm itself is a solid balmy texture, when you apply the balm, it gently melts in to an almost oil like consistency, which I find the skin just absorbs beautifully, leaving the skin soft to touch.
One point of difference that I have noticed with this balm is that it really does absorb quickly, leaving the skin smooth and nourished,  I have used other multipurpose balms before, some of which leave a stickiness or feel like they sit on top of the skin, boho balm, doesn’t do that.

I have been using this balm for around 3 weeks now, almost on daily basis, the ways I have incorporated this, include as a cuticle treatment, lip balm, I applied some under my nose when I had a cold which left me a bit red and sore.
This as also great to have on hand when my son had a mozzie bite, he was complaining it was sore and itchy, so I put a little on him, and he declared it was much better after 10 minutes. I also found this somewhat helpful with some cradle cap that my baby had, after just one use it had lessened.
It even made a great treatment for my husbands rough elbows!
The uses are endless really.

Boho Balm also makes an excellent make-up remover, I massaged (about the amount I have on my hand in the above picture) on my dry face and removed with a warm flannel, and my make-up just melted away, my face felt nourished and hydrated, whilst being cleansed of all make-up.

I have really been enjoying Boho Balm, the other good thing is that because you need such a small amount it will last such a long time, I have barely made a dent in mine!

You can find Boho Balm here, the 30ml retails for $24.95, 15ml for $14.95 and the handbag friendly 5ml for $8.95.

*Product kindly provided for consideration, these are my own and honest opinions.

Have you got a favourite multi-purpose balm?

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