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Review: September Goodness Me Box

Hi Guys! Here is a quick look inside September’s Goodness Me Box.

Personally I thought there was a pretty good offering this month, it can be a bit hit and miss, and obviously it is hard to please everyone.


Wholey Foods Breakfast Smoothie: $15.95 I loved this so much I purchased the vanilla one too!
These are so filling either shaken with your choice of milk or blended with fruit etc, there is a slight texture to these when you shake them (which I think is the oats & chia) I found this so tasty, that I went out and purchased the vanilla one (my favourite!)

Earth’s Bounty Activated Almonds: 20g $1.33  I like having nuts as a little snack, so these went down a healthy treat.

The Ginger People Organic Arjuna Bar: $2.99 This was like a ginger flavoured liquorice, it was a bit to intense for me. I think if they made it in to tiny bite sized pieces it might be better, as silly me took a huge bite!!!

Pukka Tea x 2 Bags $2.00 I’m a tea lover, so am always keen to try some new flavours.

Little Bird Paw Paw Lip Balm: $4.99 I haven’t actually tried this yet, the flavour is Tangerine so sounds nice and spring-y

Table of Plenty Rice Cakes with Chocolate: $4.99 I enjoyed these one afternoon with a cup of tea, quite a sweet little treat.

Pic’s Peanut Butter: $7.49 I’m a fan of these Peanut Butters, this contains only peanuts and some salt, my kids seem to devour a jar a fortnight! No complaints from them!

Overall approx $34.75 in value Goodness me is $25 per month or slightly cheaper if you do a 3/6/12 Month Subscription.
I joined during a boxing day sale last year for 40% off a yearly subscription!

I’d love to know if you have a grocery or health subscription box!

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