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Brand Focus: Jordan Samuel Skin

Hi Guys! Around 6 weeks ago,  I purchased the range of Jordan Samuel Skin Care Products.
The products in his boutique range include: Plie Cleanser, Hydrate Serum and Etoile Face Oil.
I discovered his range via Instagram and the #skincare hashtags.


I thought I’d do a quick review today, as there has been quite a bit of interest lately.

Shipping to Australia was a reasonable $15 USD.
I’d looked at purchasing a few things from another up and coming US brand a few days earlier and shipping for one item was $35USD!! Crazy!!

The Plie Cleanser: This is beautiful, it is a balm to oil consistency with a light fresh citrusy scent. (kind of similar to the Oskia Renaissance Cleanser, with a different scent.)
This obliterates make-up in minutes, I almost don’t feel the need to follow with a second cleanse, it does such a great job.
My skin is left feeling cleansed and nourished, no dry and tight feeling here!

The Hydrate Serum: This is the serum you didn’t even know you needed! I have used this pretty much morning and night since I received this. This slots into your exisiting skincare routine so well. I found my skin really responded well to this serum, I noticed my skin was much more plump after the second use.
The consistency is like partly set jelly, I find it is absorbed into my skin within seconds, leaving the skin ready for your next serum or oil, there is really no discernible scent noted.
The serum is packed with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Peptides. The full ingredients are listed on the website for all the products.

Etoile Facial Oil: I didn’t crack into this one straight away, as I was trying to be good and finish up another face oil first, (which I failed on by the way)  I have used this one for the last 2 or so weeks, not quite as long as I have used the rest of the range for.
The oil is quite light weight, which features a blend of omegas 3 & 6, along with Argan, Marula, and COQ10.
The oil absorbs quite well in to my skin, there is perhaps the slightest almond oil scent to the oil, however It is very faint and not overly obvious.

Left to Right: Plie, Hydrate and Etoile

If you have seen any of Jordan Samuel’s skin talks on You Tube, you will know that there are a few new products in the works, including a cleansing balm and retinol which I believe  from his descriptions on his channel, will be similar to etoile with retinol.


Have you tried any of the Jordan Samuel Range?

4 thoughts on “Brand Focus: Jordan Samuel Skin”

  1. Hi!
    Loved your detailed review! 🙂
    Are these products safe for sensitive skin types?
    Could you tell me if there were any custom duties or taxes when shipping to Australia?


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