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Review: November Goodness Me Box

Hi Guys! My subscription is coming to a close now, so I will only have one more Goodness Me box to share with you!
If you are interested keep an eye out around/after Christmas, as I picked mine up last year for 40% off during a boxing day sale!


Here are the contents:


reCLAYm Clay Mask RRP $19.95 (500g) Received 24g Sample approx $0.95 I love a good clay mask, so I cant wait to try this one out! This is a powdered one which you just add water.

BLK: Alkaline Water $4.00 for 500mls: This black water, yes it is water that is black in colour has me intrigued! I cant wait to try it out!

Naturally Nood Bar $2.49 ea These have been featured several times, my kids love them though so I don’t mind!

Vege Crisps Lentil: $4.99 100g: I don’t ind the odd chip here and there, so will be interested to see how these taste.

The Chia Co Salad booster approx $1.08 (30g Received) We are salads a day with the warmer weather so will throw these in a salad at some point, I’m usually not a huge fan of chia’s in salads, but will give these ago anyway.

Amy’s Organic Lentil Soup: $3.89 (411g can) This brand has been in the box before (was Tomato Soup last time!) This will probably stay in the pantry for awhile, unless we suddenly see a cold day!

Luv Sum Cacao and Mint Paleo Ball $3.25, These have been featured before, I really enjoyed this tasty snack last time, so I will enjoy this one too.

*pricing is based on the information provided by goodness me on the product information card.

Overall Approx $20.65 Value.

If your on a monthly subscription ($25 per month) I could see some disappointment, It has been one of the lower valued boxes. (I note on Instagram, there has been several variations to the November box)
One of the other things I find a bit annoying is the sporadic shipping of the goodness me boxes, some months I was even receiving them in the first week of the following month!!
Goodness me picked up their act and for 2 or 3 months, I got them within the first week, now Novembers Box has arrived on the 17/11/16.

What are your thoughts?

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