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Review: December Goodness Me Box

Hi Guys! Here we have another Goodness Me box, basically Goodness Me is a subscription box which sends you “healthy foods” every month!

Sometimes they have a theme other times, it is just a more randomised collection.

I was a little bit underwhelmed with this box, It did seem a little light.




Here are the contents:


Yarra Valley The Wholesome Food Company Sea Salted Cinnamon Popcorn: 50g RRP $2.69  I don’t mind a bit of pop corn, will try this at some point.

Deeks Bread Mix 350g (1/2 size) RRP $5.90 I will make an effort to try and make a loaf of bread, I think you need to add yeast to the pre-mix.

Nutra Organics Turmeric Protein Powder 10g RRP $0.90, this brand has featured before, however not this particular product will give this single use sachet a try.

Higher Living White Strawberry and Green Coconut Tea: 1 tea bag of each: RRP $4.00 for a 26g pack, so for the purpose of the pricing will give them a generous $1.00 I do love tea, so I will try these.

Origin Chocolate: I’m not sure what happened here! The packet said 100g, however there was only one tiny piece inside with a weight of 10g, given the supplied pricing of $6.95 per 100g, makes this bite sized treat approx $0.69c


A Vogel Herbamare Full Size $10.70 A shaker sized sample of this salt with vegetable favouring featured in a previous box, I didn’t mind this so will use the full size!

BSKT: Vegan Superfood Bar 45g bar $4.50 These have also featured before, lucky for me I do quite like these bars!

Rough Value of the box equates to $26.38

Goodness Me do also have a reward program, so when you earn 50 points via reviewing products from the boxes they will send you a bonus product! I finally reviewed enough via their website and got this bonus gift:


Have you tried a food based subscription box?




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