Beauty Review: IT Cosmetics CC Cream

Do you ever wonder how a product becomes a ‘Cult Classic’ or a ‘Must Have’?

Some products get so much hype behind them, that the terms ‘Holy Grail’ and pop up in every ones ‘Favourites of the Month/Year/Season’

One of the products which was big in 2016 for this was IT Cosmetics CC (Colour Correcting) Cream.

Like I needed another base product, I have enough to last about 6 years, I had put off looking at this product as I am quite fair and it wasn’t in any stores near me, (literally not in my State even!) So I was hesitant to purchase online.

Over Christmas and New Year we went on a family holiday to Singapore (and Bali) I took this opportunity to do some shopping in Sephora (Ngee Ann City, Singapore)

I swatched the fair and found it was a pretty good match for my pale skin, so I thought what the heck, its coming home with me.

Well, I’ll have to be the next person/blogger that jumps on the bandwagon singing its praises, as its bloody good!

Why do I love it so much? It feels like your not wearing any make-up, it is so lightweight, it feels like your skin.

It doesn’t oxidise, at the end of the day it still looks fresh and natural and hasn’t changed shades on me.

It does a great job at evening out my skin, with a light to medium build-able coverage. I have some pigmentation which I find that this helps to cover, whilst still looking incredible natural.

I like the inclusion of some additional SPF, 50+ to be precise. Yes I do get my SPF from an actual SPF, however having a bit more is a bonus.

The tube has a pump applicator, so its super easy to dispense and not worrying about dropping a glass bottle on the floor of the bathroom!

The product also claims to provide anti-aging benefits, by way of the inclusion of an in built hydrating serum, I don’t know how to effectively measure this claim, but i’m not getting any younger, so I’ll buy in to this anyway!

I think this will be a staple in my collection for many years to come.

Have you a lover of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream too?

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