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Baby: Joonya Eco Wipes

For the last few months we have been using baby wipes from a relatively new company called Joonya, Joonya are a small family run business based in Queensland, they provide Eco Friendly baby wipes.
The wipes are completely biodegradable and chemical free.


One of the things that makes Joonya different to other Eco Friendly baby wipes, is that they offer a subscription service, what this means is you buy 24 packs in bulk to make some serious savings!
Despite not long ago having had my 3rd child  I seriously do not know how many wipes we go through or how often, so it was a little overwhelming getting so many at once, however it saves you from ever running out!
One of the other bonuses is having them all delivered to your door, it means one less item to grab at the supermarket before one of your kids runs away and the other screams the shop down!!!

Joonya Eco Wipes Currently (as at 1/02/17) cost $99.60 for a box of 24 packs of 80 wipes, this equates to $4.15 per pack.
Which puts the pricing mid range for all baby wipes, however when you directly compare against the Eco Friendly/Chemical Free varieties, they become some of the most affordable available.
The ingredients are simple and easy to understand: 100% Viscose Fabric, Purified Water, Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Silver Dihydrogen Citrate, Citric Acid, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Citrate.

The wipes themselves are 200mm x 180mm, and have a very slight texture to them.
Whilst they are unscented (no unnecessary perfumes) the do have a fresh scent, which I think is the Aloe and Jojoba coming through, my 4 year old, said ” these are my favourite wipes, because they smell so good” when he was passing them to me when we changed the baby’s nappy!

One of the other benefits to Joonya wipes is that when you order you sign up on a subscription service, and can nominate how often you would like to receive your box of 24 wipes.
I’ve originally set mine up on 6 monthly to start with, as I actually had no idea how many wipes we use, we would often pick up a few packs on sale every few weeks. Joonya will send you an email 2 days before your next shipment so you can delay the delivery if you are not ready (or you can bring your next delivery forward at any time if needed!)

When you log on to your account it will tell you exactly when your last order was and when your next order will ship. I reordered at the 4.5 month mark, I still had 2 un opened packs, as well as a few half packs around the place. (in the car, nappy bag, change table, kitchen etc!) So we haven’t yet cracked into the new box, it was just a safety net, shipping took about 5 days from QLD to SA.

You can also gift a box of wipes to a new or expecting Mother, certainly a great practical gift!
Overall I would recommend these wipes and this service.

If you are interested in purchasing some wipes I have a referral code for you: BVSY6TD4
This code will save you $10, making 24 wipes just $89.60 ($3.73 per pack!)
If you use this code I will also save $10 off my next order, All subscribers receive a referral code, so you could also refer a friend or 2 and save $10 off your subsequent order too!


I purchased these wipes myself.

What do you think of this subscription service?

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