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Detox Diary: Introduction

Hi Guys! Today, Monday 6th March, I’m embarking on a 28 Day Detox with passion projects.

I never intended to do this initially, I was talking to a friend about supplements, who recommended the passion projects complex green superfood powder, I was interested in this as I have been so run down lately, I thought adding this into my lifestyle might help. Anyway, longer story short, the detox kit caught my eye (plus there was 25% off) so I thought what the heck? I’m going to give this a go.

How it works is passion projects detox  sets out a cycle of four days (A, B, C and D)


Days A and B are lean days, so you start the day with a smoothie, then eat a lunch of salad or veggies, and dinner which consists  Fish or Chicken with salad and veggies. There is also an afternoon tea complex greens with some nuts and cucumber and carrot sticks allowed for snacking.

Days C and D are green days, Day C apart from having 2 complex greens sachets during the day (lunch and afternoon its aimed for a 12 hour fast after the breakfast smoothie before a light dinner of nuts and cucumber and carrot sticks with the option of adding miso soup.

Day D starts  with a breakfast smoothie, complex greens for lunch and afternoon tea, and fish or chicken with salad or veggies for dinner.

Some of the things you do need to cut out include: Fruit/Juices, Sugar, Alcohol, Coffee (this is going to be the hardest!), Dairy – Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt (including CoYo) etc, Bread, Pasta, Rice, Corn, Potatoes (and starchy vegetables) , Legumes, Beans, Eggs, Salt and Meat.

For me apart from Coffee, the exclusions where not too bad.

I’ve never undertaken any real form of detox before, so this should be interesting.

I haven’t weighed myself or taken any measurements as, to me I’m just looking to feel healthier and hopefully less run down, and one of the other reasons I was drawn to passion projects too is that they are not about promoting before and after pictures.

I plan to provide weekly updates, let me know if you have any queries and I will answer them in next weeks wrap up.

You are also encouraged to drink water and moderate exercise, if you are going out to meet with friends, passion projects suggest having a green tea in lieu of coffee!

I purchased this kit for myself. I’d love to know if you have had any ‘detox’ experience.

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