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Review: BotanicES Skincare

Hi Guys, today I will share my thoughts with you on a range of products from BotanicES*.

Incase you are unfamiliar with this brand, BotanicES is a natural, Australian brand, which has built their range utilising natural caffeine, found within a coffee extract.

Christelle (founder) and her chemical engineer husband where actually on a holiday visiting some local coffee farms when they found out about the ‘raisin berry’ a coffee bean which is usually discarded as it doesn’t have any flavour or taste. It is with this part of the coffee bean that they trialled and tested to develop the patented BotanicES natural coffee extract, which is used in not only their natural line, also by other cosmetic companies Australia wide.

Fun Fact: the ES in BotanicES actually stands for Environmentally Sustainable, how good is that?

 For the last almost 6 weeks, I have been incorporating the BotanicES natural range of skincare into my daily routines.

Cleanser Creme: This is really lovely, this will become a staple in my routine I think. I would say it is a bit of a cream/gel hybrid, it removes make-up amazingly well, it is also a really nice morning cleanser, there is a good bit of slip, so the cleanser creme does massage well in to your skin. My skin was left feeling fresh and cleansed, yet still nourished. I don’t really notice any discernible scent, there is just a light freshness to it.

Face Creme: The face cream, had the similar fresh non discernible scent, with the colour of a weak coffee, the formula is very lightweight, yet incredibly nourishing. I also found this to be a team player, working well with other serums/oils and allowing makeup to apply well over the top.

Eye Creme: The eye creme also feels extremely light weight, I was pleasantly surprised by just how hydrating this eye creme was, once again the same fresh non discernible scent is present, I don’t know about you, I think there is nothing worse than applying a heavily scented product around the eyes.

Body Creme: Once again the body creme has the same fresh minimally scented product which is consistent within the BotanicES range. I used a few pumps for each limb and found that the product was easily absorbed leaving the skin feeling soft and nourished.

Left to Right: Cleanser, Face Creme, Eye Creme and Body Creme

One of the other aspects I really like with the BotanicES range is that the airless pumps dispense a small amount of product so there is no wastage, for the cleanser I used 2-3 pumps, the face creme 2 pumps, the eye creme one pump for both eyes, and the body creme a few pumps for each limb.

*Products kindly provided for consideration, however these are my own and honest opinions.

Have you tried any of the BotanicES range? Do you like caffeine in your skincare?

5 thoughts on “Review: BotanicES Skincare”

  1. I haven’t tried anything from BotanicES before, but the eye cream has been on my radar for a while since hearing Kats from Kats Colourings rave about it. I always wondered why the “es” part of their name was capitalised…thanks for sharing that!

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