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Review: Zuanna Cosmetics

Hey Guys, today I’m going to talk about a newish natural Australian Company Zuanna Cosmetics*.

All of the Zuanna Cosmetics range are made with 100% Natural, Organic and Wildcrafted ingredients, right here in Australia (NSW) the entire range is also vegan friendly, and should go without saying cruelty free.

That was more than enough to have me excited to try a few products.

I was kindly gifted with the moisture boost facial oil, smoothing minerals exfoliating mask and a signature Zuanna Cosmetics Muslin Cloth.

I have been using these products, since the start of February.

Lets start with the smoothing minerals exfoliating mask, I have a real love of dry mask mixes, I find they really allow you formulate to your skin’s needs.

My favourite way is to use a little bowl and add a scoop, with a little bit of water and mix it up, then apply to your face with a brush, it is so nice that way. The mask takes literally 5 minutes to dry, so there are no excuses for not doing at least one mask a week.

You can even add your favourite spritz, or I also like a little bit of honey and warm water and then add some mask mix, your skin will love you.

As you use the beautifully soft muslin cloth to remove, you will notice a very light exfoliation from the mask, your skin feels so soft.

Adding a little bit of the mask mix to the palm of your hand and a few drops of water for a deep cleanse and exfoliate is also a quick way to use this.

Now for the Moisture Boost Facial Oil, this was the product that first caught my eye, Zuanna Cosmetics say this is especially formulated for “Skin texture, Pigmentation, Dull/Uneven Skintone, Ageing skin, Dry, Dehydration”

That sounds like me, I’m all of the above. I’ve really been loving this facial oil, it is medium weighted, and it absorbs super easily, I dispense 4-5 drops on my face and press it into my skin, (TIP: don’t forget to cup your hands over your nose and inhale once you have applied, the beautiful natural scent from the beautiful oils is so relaxing)

I have used this mostly at night, however I did use it a few mornings to give it a good trial and I found makeup applied really well over the top!

I have really noticed a boost in my skin moisture levels, previously I would apply serum, wait 1/2hr or so then come in with a facial oil, and usually by the time I went to bed, I would apply moisturiser as I felt like my skin had drunk all the oil already, I actually didn’t feel the need to layer as often as this facial oil really helped with hydrating my skin.

I have also noticed some pigmentation lightening, whilst I can’t credit it solely down to using the moisture boost facial oil, as I have upped my pigmentation game at the end of December, I feel that adding this product has possibly helped also.

I’d love to know if you have a favourite face mask recipe for whipping up with powder based masks!

*Product/s kindly provided for consideration, however these are my own and honest opinions.

 Zuanna Cosmetics have generously offered readers a special 15% off discount with code: SPACEOFBEAUTY15 valid until midnight on 2/4/17 ( non affiliate code)

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      1. Hmm, whenever I click on your name (not the picture) ‘thebeautyandthegeekau’ it takes me to a website however all the content is directions and RSVP for a wedding. If you log out of WordPress and click it does it still direct to your website? I usually click through so I can return the comments on your blog too.


      1. So weird! My broken link checker doesn’t show anything. I don’t know what else to do. Did you just click on my avatar and it took you to this other blog? I need to know exactly what you clicked for it to go there so I know how to fix it. Thanks!


  1. I haven’t heard of this brand before but I am a huge fan of natural products and even better when they are Australian made and owned đŸ™‚ x

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  2. You had me at 100% organic. I actually DIY with rice flour and soy milk or another liquid (even water) to create a beautiful, effective facial exfoliator. xo

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  3. Oooh I’m keen to get my hands on a mask that dries in 5 minutes! Just about all the ones I have are 20 or more, and it kinda slows me down. Thanks for a terrific review (as always) hon – loved the tip about inhaling the fragrance xxx


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