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Detox Diary: Week 2

Well, I have officially hit the half way mark of my 28 day detox, I hope it is all smooth sailing from here!

You can find my introduction here, and week 1 here.

So how am I going at the half way mark? Well one of the reasons I started this detox program was that I had been getting really run down every few weeks, I think partly due to not sleeping well (due to the children waking up over night) 

Well this week I (and everyone in the house!) got hit with an awful chest infection.

That kind of made the detox easy, as I felt so crap I couldn’t even be bothered eating, I had some veggie soup, and steamed veggies here and there, which was about all I could muster up eating.

I’m still feeling a bit flat, so It is kind of hard for me to really review last week 2 in too much detail.

One of the supplements includes the Vanilla Pea Protein, I actually quite like this powder, it has a nice vanilla taste, and the drink doesn’t leave your mouth feeling too powdery either, like some powders can.

Per 30g Serve the protein is 23.1g Protein, 1.4g Carbohydrates, and 0.2g Sugars.

 I have been getting a little creative with some meals, here was one lunch I made myself:

Avocado, Wilted Spinach and Mini Roma Tomatoes with Cracked Pepper.

Normally I would have had toast +/- a poached egg, however since they are on the exclusion list, I omitted them.

I think this week will be a real test, now that I’m starting to feel better.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments.

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