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Spotlight: Lush’s Easter Collection 2017

Hi Guys, today I’m going to show you a of a few of Lush’s Easter products which have just launched this week.

I generously received a PR package with some of the new launches.

If only you could smell these goodies, even through the box a beautiful fruity scent wafted through.

There are so many lovely gift ideas here, either for yourself or loved ones.


Which Came First? Bath Bomb $9.95 (Left) This smells divine, it is a lovely citrusy bath bomb, featuring Sicilian lemon and grapefruit oil, this sounds so indulgent.

Golden Egg: $8.50 ea. This is very shimmery and smells delicious, with a rich chocolatey orange scent. I can’t wait to bathe with this. This is so beautiful.


Bunch Of Carrots $10.95

These are super cute, this reusable bubble simply gets swashed through the bath water and you leave it to dry and you can use it again and again.

This also has the beautiful refreshing citrusy scent.


Chocolate Easter Egg Soap $6.95/100g

This vanilla/lemon combo is divine, if you didn’t know better you would want to take a bite! I have used this a few times, it is beautiful and nourishing, sure to be a favourite.

Chocolate Lip Scrub $9.95

After bath bombs, to me Lush’s Lip Scrubs are quite well known, this one makes you want to eat a Terry’s Chocolate Orange! I love the way this makes my lips feel soft and smooth. A lovely calorie free treat.

Chick ‘N’ Mix Bath Bomb $11.95

There is great value in this bath bomb, you can really use each piece individually, hence getting 3 uses.

The super cute bath bomb opens up to reveal an egg! The citrusy/bergamot is beautiful, I can’t stop sniffing it.

There are a few more Lush Easter goodies which you can find online here

Which Easter treat has caught your eye?

*Product/s kindly provided for consideration however these are my own and honest opinions.

3 thoughts on “Spotlight: Lush’s Easter Collection 2017”

  1. They are all so cute! Lush know exactly how to make their limited edition products, they are always lust worthy! Xx

    Kez |


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