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Bits I’ve finished May 2017

There’s nothing like an empties post to realise how quickly the days are flying by!

May was such a busy month for us, so much going on, sick kids you name it!

Anyway here are the few bits I managed to finish:

El8te Hydrating Face Cream*: You can find my original review here, this is quite a nice light hydrating moisturiser, coming into winter I do prefer thicker moisturisers, however this was nice over the warmer months.

Aurelia Probiotic Miracle Cleanser: This creamy cleanser was nice enough, removed make-up well, however I wasn’t fond of the eucalyptus scent, so that’s the only reason I won’t repurchase.

The Nakid Label Pink Crystal body polish, reason 7,325 why reorganising your stash regularly is good, I brought this intro pack to the Nakid Label when it launched at the end of last year, however this little pack slipped behind a few products and went awol, anyway this is such a beautiful scrub delicately rose scented a great body scrub from a great Australian Brand.

NatraPower Hand Shield* this was quite a fluid hand moisturiser however it actually did a great job healing my really dry hands, it’s a no frills, no discernible scent moisturiser.

Davroe Clarify clarifying shampoo* I’ve mentioned Davroe on the blog before, I think they make great hair products, I really like using this every few weeks for a deep cleanse and to help prevent product buildup, it does a great job restoring volume too.

Happy Skincare Pig in Mud Clay Mask: This is one of those dry mask mixes which you add water or toner etc and create your mask as you go, if you love a good mud mask these ones are worth checking out. Happy Skincare have repackaged a few months ago, so this is the old package.

The Seeke Rose Body Oil: A friend on IG Gemeliza, kindly sent me this little sample as she knows I’m a lover of body oils too, this is simply gorgeous lightly rose scented and one I will likely purchase when I’ve finished a few of my body oils up.

There we have it, let me know if you want to know anything else about anything mentioned.

*Product/s kindly provided for consideration, these are my own and honest opinions.

Did you finish many empties last month?

1 thought on “Bits I’ve finished May 2017”

  1. Ooh, good work on your empties! I haven’t tried any of these, but I do love a good mud mask! Xx

    Kez |


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