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Current Rotation of Serums

Hi Guys, I recently took part in an Instagram challenge #showusyourstash one of the days focused on serums, since I pulled them all out and took a pretty picture I thought I’d share them here too.

Ocinium Vitamin C: There can’t be too much left in here, as I have been using it most mornings since I purchased it in January. This is a great Vitamin C serum, which is a waterless formula, I definitely feel that this is keeping my skin healthy. I would consider repurchase.

Palmers Ultra Hydrating Serum: I purchased this several weeks ago, and I have quite liked using it, there is Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol, I’ve found it really hydrating.

Farmacy Invincible Face Serum: I got this deluxe size in a intro pack that my husband picked up for me on a trip to the US a few months ago, it’s quite a fluid serum, which layers well with other products, for example I might pop some of the Pestle & Mortar HA over the top, or a facial oil. (I have just finished this one)

Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluaronic Hyaluronic Acid: I quite like this for adding some extra hydration especially over winter, I typically apply this over another serum.

Intense Formulas Face Serum*: I touched on this one back here, it’s quite a nice, while it has a high oil content, it still has a bit of a serum-y feel to it too.

Wildcrafted Organics *: This is an oil based Serum which I like on its own or occasionally layered over another serum to seal it all in, you can find my review here

It’s Skin WH Effector: I picked this up duty free on a whim in Singapore as it contains  Arbutin to help with pigmentation and it was less than $10, it’s also quite fluid so another Serum or oil works well with it too.

By Terry Hydra-Radiance Serum: this was an impulse purchase a few months ago, as it was in a special pack at Mecca with a few other smaller products from the hydra-radiance range for the price of only the serum, personally I tend to use this over another serum as more of a Hydrating product than a stand alone Serum, however you could certainly use it alone.


* Products kindly gifted, these are my own and honest opinions.


I’d love to know your favourite Serum at the moment.

11 thoughts on “Current Rotation of Serums”

  1. Oooh haven’t tried any of these yet! My current love is Antipodes Hosanna H20 Skin-Plumping Serum, but I also enjoy the L’Oreal Age Perfect Golden Age Serum – trouble is there are so many to choose from out there, and I only have one face lol xxx


  2. Gorgeous collection of serums here – love this shot! I don’t have a fave since I’m still discovering the world of serums, but the one I’ve loved the most so far is Aspect’s Extreme B serum as it was wonderfully hydrating for my skin & I swear it was doing good things for my skin cancer scar too. I was so sad when I finished the travel size as it’s so expensive!


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