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The SPF files: Medik8 Physical Sunscreen

I love SPF, I own more than any other person I know! Probably because it’s one of the best known ways to protect against aging and also because I have had a melanoma in the past.

Recently I was offered an opportunity to try Medik8’s new Physical Sunscreen* so of course I was keen.

The tube with flip top lid is very practical packaging, the white cream feels almost like a facial moisturiser does (light and easily spreadable).

I notice a very light scent, which is difficult to describe exactly,  is minimal and not really notable once applied.

I was really impressed with the way this absorbs on the skin, I notice a very minimal white cast for about 5 seconds after application, the sunscreen then provides an almost matte finish.

I was hesitant to use the word matte as often I think of dry and flat, however this in absolutely no way leaves any sort of oily or greasy finish, skin feels dry to touch and it is just lovely.

Makeup applies like a dream over the top.

Now just because you guys know I like to be thorough before giving you my thoughts, I also found the Medik8 Physical Sunscreen applied well ON TOP of makeup too!!

I applied a small amount in my hands and rubbed them together and pressed it all over my face, I did get that ever so slight hint of whiteness for several seconds before it disappeared, leaving my makeup appeared virtually untouched.

The Medik8 Physical Sunscreen combines 14% w/w Zinc Oxide and 1.5% w/w Titanium Dioxide to provide an SPF rating of 30, the formula also includes anti-pollution and anti-glycation technology which helps prevents skin from showing signs of aging, whilst also helping to correct any existing signs, you can read more about it on the Medik8 website here.

*product kindly provided for consideration, these are my own honest opinions.

I’d love to know what you look for in a Sunscreen!

3 thoughts on “The SPF files: Medik8 Physical Sunscreen”

    1. I think this worked well as it is a bit more of a dry to touch formula, I find some other formulas are a bit wetter/little bit greasy so whilst they are ok to press on top, the makeup can look a bit more worn off, after reapplication.


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