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Brand Focus: May Lindstrom Skincare

Hey Guys, I have been planning a May Lindstrom Skincare Brand Focus for well over 6 months, its been requested a few times whenever one of her creations pops into an Empties post, it always piques some interest.

The below picture is of the Wunderlust Collection, a vegan leather clutch, with dust bag, which houses the entire line in travel sized products, plus the treatment brush.

I do believe there are plans to re:release another run of the wunderlust collection, there was another set too, which included another larger vegan leather fold over bag too.

Anyway since I know that May is having some kind of amazing Thanksgiving/Black Friday offer I thought I’d share my thoughts on the entire line!

May Lindstrom Skincare is a high end green beauty skincare line, I think May does have a niche customer base, and I acknowledge for a number of reasons that this brand isn’t for everyone.

May really utilises the scents and smells to evoke feelings of calm, tranquility and peace, if you are someone who looks forward to locking your self in the bathroom and away from the world for sometime to yourself to unwind, even if only for a few minutes, then you will probably enjoy the experience that comes with May Lindstrom Skincare.

All the products are vegan, except for obviously the Honey Mud.

I’ll start in kind of sequential order of where I would apply them for a full routine.

Pendulum Potion: A non-emulsifying oil cleanser, this has a beautiful chocolatey scent (similar to the good stuff) and it is just lovely, I know a lot of ML devotees prefer to use this as a second cleanse, however I do find that it destroys makeup brilliantly. I have almost finished my mini from the wanderlust collection, and plan to repurchase when the Thanksgiving offer is available.

The Honey Mud Enzyme Cleanse and Mask: I have had two deluxe sized of the honey mud, it is such a luxurious experience, despite it being called ‘cleanse’ I wouldn’t use this to remove your makeup, as firstly its too nice and secondly if you have a full face of makeup, it doesn’t do a great job at it, for lighter makeup/spf/tinted moisturiser it does work if you wanted to use it for that.

There is a rich decadent cacao scent to the product and it is definitely a real treat for the skin.

I love to layer this on my face before a shower, (mmm, the smell is heavenly) use it as a second cleanse and give my face a good massage with it, or layer it underneath either the problem solver or the clean dirt. This is another product I plan to purchase.

The Treatment Brush: if you don’t already use a brush with your face masks get on it, you don’t need this one specifically, it is nice and I know a lot of May Lindstrom devotees will love it, however if I didn’t receive it in the wunderlust collection, I probably wouldn’t have purchased it, as I do have two other mask brushes.

That said it is quite soft and is vegan made with taklon fibers, and it does make mixing up your concoctions easy too.

The Clean Dirt: This is probably my least favourite product from the range, I personally find it kind of similar to the problem solver, the main obvious difference being that the product is grainier (well, it is an exfoliant after all) and probably secondly is because I tend to use chemical exfoliants.

That being said there is a lovely gingerbread scent (which you don’t get with the problem solver) this works well when mixed with equal parts of water/the jasmine garden and applied as a face mask, I do find it works best to mix it up in a little bowl, with a brush, until you get a kind of mousse type texture, then you can massage it off. As I mentioned earlier I love layering the honey mud underneath.

I do have about half of my full size left at the moment.

The Problem Solver: I already had the full size prior to purchasing the wunderlust collection, which included a mini size. I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this product, personally I find it can be a bit intense and cause quite a warming sensation, whilst it is meant to do this,  if I’ve used acids (i.e. P50) in the 24 hours prior to using this,  the sensation is just way to much for me and I had to wash it off straight away.

Once I’d worked this out I started to enjoy it more.

Obviously being a green beauty brand, it wouldn’t be such an issue if you where utilising the clean dirt/manual  exfoliant.

Once again mix equal parts of liquid (water/the jasmine garden etc) and apply for up to an hour, there is a real earth scent to this, whilst it is rich in clays I don’t find it as drying as other clay based masks, which is why I quite like it, especially layered on top of the honey mud is a real match made, I only use it once a fortnight (now that my baby is 14 months, it is becoming easier to hopefully mask more frequently!), and I still have about 1/4 of mine left, and I’ve had the full size for close to a year.

I think I will repurchase this eventually as I do really like it, and it does a good job, I find my skin looks clearer and it feels like it’s had a really deep clean, without being dry, I also found when I used it on a blind pimple that popped up, the next day it was less reddened and inflamed, whilst it appears expensive you get so many uses out of it, you also get 250ml of product (then you supply the water!)

The Jasmine Garden: The scent of Jasmine is so intoxicating, the mist is just lovely, it’s literally like walking past a Jasmine Garden, trust me, our neighbourhood is full of them!

It works well under/over/with all the other products in May’s range, especially misting on top of the problem solver while you relax.

Whilst this is a really beautiful mist, that is very calming and soothing, I tend to gravitate towards more hydrating mists.

I have just finished my full sized one, I don’t plan to repurchase this one, but never say never…….

The Youth Dew: My experience with this facial oil is somewhat new and recent, I’ve only just opened this up (as I was trying to finish another facial oil first) so it’s more of a first impressions. I do quite like this oil, it is slightly drier, not overly oily if that makes sense, I find that 3-4 drops really absorb quite quickly, and doesn’t leave my face looking shiny.

Its hard to put my finger on the exact scent, it is quite soft and smells kind of ‘green’ to me, you know like leaves. I do have quite a few oils at the moment, however I can potentially see myself buying this at some point in the future.

The Good Stuff: I’m a lover of body oils and this one is no exception, it has that beautiful rich Cacao intoxicating scent, now sadly this is being discontinued, it is still available directly and via a few retailers, but once it’s gone it’s gone, I believe it is in part as you can use the Pendulum Potion (which smells very similar) as a body oil and also to paraphrase May’s she mentioned she had a few things in the pipeline……… perhaps a new product/s?

Blue Cocoon: This is probably the product that people really associate with when you say ‘May Lindstrom Skincare’

To be honest it took me a good few months to get into this product, it is a balm to oil product, initially I was using this over my normal skincare/Serum/Retinol as more of a Moisturiser, I think as my skin is dry and prone to dehydration, I just felt like I was missing something.

Although I since discovered that Jane Scrivner’s OO (over oil ) Cream also works really well on top of Blue Cocoon.

After some interactions with May and her team for guidance, I used this first up straight after a shower on damp skin massaged in, it is very calming and relaxing. Then I would add a few drops of oil on top, ah this was a game changer for me, a product that I had half used, suddenly became I product I was loving, this is my favourite way to use Blue Cocoon.

You can also spritz some more of the Jasmine Garden on top if you like.

I still have the travel sized from the wanderlust collection that I’m using occasionally, to savour.

I know May has a lot of things in the pipeline and I’m really hoping that a half sized blue cocoon might make its way into the collection.

It is quite an initial outlay for this product, even if it does easily last 12 months, as I find I only need a pea sized amount.

Overall I do think each of the May Lindstrom Products do really complement each other well.

These are just my personal thoughts and opinions, all products purchased myself (not all at once!!)

I’ve tried to keep this fairly short and sweet with just a brief overview of my thoughts, May lists all of her ingredients on her website, I’ve omitted them so this overview so it didn’t get too long, let me know in the comments if you have any questions or want any further information, it is a bit challenging to review so many products in one post.

I’d love to know your thoughts, if you’ve tried anything from the range.

8 thoughts on “Brand Focus: May Lindstrom Skincare”

  1. Great review – you mentioned you initially put the BC over retinol, are you putting it after the BC and or YD now? Does it work well? I’m only asking since I read somewhere that you should put retinol on dry face, before any other treatments and moisturizer?

    Would you do the same for vitamin C serums? Or even for let’s say Vintners Daughter oil serum?


    1. Hi Lee,
      I tend to use BC on nights I don’t use retinol, as I agree, Retinol should be used first, you can use BC on top if it works for you, I just found that my skin still wanted something more hydrating.
      I have used VD on top of BC and it is very lush.
      I tend to only use BC a few nights a week, hence why I’m one of those people who struggles to finish the pot in 12 months.
      I would definitely recommend to use your Serum first, you might find that Serum then BC works well for you.
      Hope this helps.


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