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Bits I’ve Finished January 2018!

Hey Guys!

One month down already! I thought since School resumed I’d have a bit more time, but I seem to be busier than ever, and 3pm rolls around well before I’m ready!! Hopefully it will settle back down so I can get back into a blogging rhythm,

Anyway, I’ve been trying to downsize/streamline my skincare a little bit and using up some minis always feels like an accomplishment, and frees up some realestate in the skincare cupboard!

Anyway here are the bits I managed to work through:


* Lonvitalite sheetmask I’m not a big sheet mask person, this was nice and refreshing on the 40c day 🔥 and did fit fairly well.

* The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Glow Powder I’ve purchased this on and off for a number of years, I can’t say it improved my skin as such, but I do generally feel healthier and have a bit more energy when I do incorporate it.

* Ren Skincare Moroccan Rose body wash, I love rose scented products this was so lovely, you can definitely save in this category, although sometimes it’s nice to use something a bit different to usual.

* Christophe Robin purifying shampoo and salt scalp scrub, I’ve repurchased these already which you might have noticed if you follow me on IG, my oily prone scalp seems to love these.

* Josh Rosebrook vital balm cream another fave of mine, have already purchased the full size, I’m not totally in love with the scent, it is quite a herbal scent  but my skin looks and feels so hydrated and refreshed in the morning, I’ll overlook the smell for results.

* DeMamiel cleansing balm, this was a nice non-emulsifying cleansing balm, I liked it but didn’t love it, I did a brand overview which you can find here.

* Dr Dennis Gross ferulic and retinol moisturiser, I was a bit haphazard in using this, it feels really lightweight, yet still moisturising, considering it took me ages to use the little pot I probably won’t purchase.

* Farmacy clean green cleansing balm, I loved this emulsifying balm, the light lime sorbet scent is lovely, makes a good cleanser either first, second or morning. Will likely purchase once I’ve used up some other cleansers


I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you thought, let me know below.

* Just to clarify these where all purchases either directly or indirectly (GWP)

6 thoughts on “Bits I’ve Finished January 2018!”

    1. Thanks Ange x
      Keep an eye out, I always buy it on a promotion. Either directly or TVSN also often has a good offer for 2-3.
      I just find when I’m taking it, I don’t tend to catch all the little germs from the kids lol


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