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Wanderess Beauty: June’s Discovery Box

Hey Guys!

Winter has well and truly hit here the last few weeks, its been ever so cold. Luckily we have managed to avoid the sniffles for now, but when they inadvertently strike this month’s Wanderess Beauty Box has you covered!

Inside June’s box which is available until the end of the month, is chock full of essential oils!

I’m a lover of essential oils, we have diffusers in all of the bedrooms, and various blends going depending on what our needs are at the time.

There are 6 essential oils from Feather and Seed (RRP $27.95 ea) including an inhale blend, which is perfect for the winter months.

I also like to add a drop or two of essential oil to a hot shower, something like the sleep blend would be perfect in the evening before bed to help you unwind, or the Zesty to help get you up and at it for the day.

The 6 essential oil blends from Feather and Seed are worth a total of $165.

Also included in the Wanderess Box this month is an OmMade Organic Skincare Konjac Sponge (RRP $8.50) I have used Konjac Sponges in the past and they are so lovely and soft on your skin, helping to cleanse your skin. I got about 3 months from my last one, before I composted it in the garden. I love that they biodegrade once you are finished with them.

You can find more details about Wanderess Beauty Box here  for $59 I think this is exceptional value.

* Kindly provided for consideration, these are my own and honest opinions.

Do you guys like the sound of this months box?

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