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Review: Medik8 Crystal Retinal 6

Hey Guys,

Today I’m going to share my thoughts with you about the new(ish) retinol from Medik8 Crystal Retinol*, this is available in two strengths the 6 (.06%) and 10. (.10%)

I’ve been using the Crystal Retinal 6 (.06%) for just over 8 weeks.

Because I have used a lot of different retinol products in the past, I jumped straight in to every other night. Retinol based products, are quite potent, so they can cause some irritations, think dryness, peeling and redness. If you are new to retinol, then definitely consider starting 1-2 times per week and building up as you develop a tolerance.

I did notice some dryness during the first week or two when I started using this, however I should also point out, I did start incorporating the Medik8 Crystal Retinal just as we approached winter too though, so that may have also not helped the situation.

Another thing to remember is because of these sensitivities that can occur it is also important to be vigilant with SPF, if you are not already. Even during winter.

I love the packaging, the sleek silver tube not only looks aesthetically pleasing, it also has a pump top, which makes dispensing the product easy and hygienic.

The yellow creamy texture has no discernible scent and I find one pump is ample for my face.

I tend to use this in the evening and leave it for a few hours then add a little bit of moisturiser over the top just before I go to bed.

I have really been impressed with the Medik8 Retinal, I had found myself stuck in a bit of a rut with my previous retinal which I wasn’t really enjoying nor seeing any real improvement in my skin.

I estimate I have used just under 1/2 of the bottle, which would mean that the product would last for around 5-6 months.

I did have a few people ask me over on Instagram when I posted this in my stories, If I thought they should skip straight to the .10% as they have used a lot of retinal products already, I do think it is worthwhile starting with the 0.06% as otherwise if you jump to the .10% you really don’t have any where else to go from there, as with a lot of products, formulation is king, which ultimately does make comparing products with similar strengths a little tricky.

I think my skin is in a really great place at the moment, it is looking quite clear and smooth and I definitely need to give credit to this retinal.

* Product kindy provided for consideration, these are my own and honest opinions.

Let me know if you have tried this too,  I’d be keen to hear your thoughts.

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